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212° - 60 Count

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212° - 60 Count

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Product Review (submitted on December 9, 2014):
This will be part two of my review of Muscle Elements weight loss stack called Lean On Me Stack. This stack consists of 212 and LeanWorks. WOW what a great stack this is for weight loss. Very solid fat burner that really brings it. Thanks again Muscle Elements for bring us another great product.

Thermogenic & Nootropic Amplifer Elements: 215mg
Caffeine Anhrydous (Methylxanthine),
Synephrine HCL, Yohimbine HCL,
Vinponature 99% (Vinpocetine)

Fat Oxidation & Core Temperature: 135mg
Activator Elements
Bioperine (Piper Nigrum), (Evodiamine 98%
Octopoamine HCL

Definition & Tightening Elements: 150mg
Dandelion Extract 20:1 Juniper Berry Extract 4:1,
Uva Ursi Leaf 20:1 Extract

Other Ingredients:
Gelatin, microcrystalline cellulose and magnesium stearate.

Allergen Warnings:
Manufactured on equipment which processes products containing milk, eggs, soybeans, wheat, Shellfish, fish oils, tree nuts and peanut flavor.

The profile for this is very solid. Not real sure on what a lot of the ingredient are they put in here but they sure do work. Like I said in the review for LeanWorks there is a little bit of prop blend in this also but after you start taking this you won’t care. Everything seem like it is dosed just right because of how well this worked for me.

You can pretty much find this for $35 on a few sites that have it. I think that is maybe just a little high but not to bad. This will last you a full 60 or 30 days (Just depends on how you take it) which is nice and wish I could get that many servings in the LeanWorks also especially if your stacking the two of them together. I would like to see them get the price down around $30 but it’s still very much worth the price because how good this product is.

This come in pill form so there is no taste or anything to mix. I have heard they are planning to come out with this in a flavored powder form so you can drink it which I would really like.

There are a couple ways you can dose this. There are 60 pills in a bottle and you can take one or two of them each day. This will last you a full 60 or 30 days which is nice. You can start off with 2 pills in the morning or you can split it up and take one in the morning and then one later in the afternoon just depends on how well you handle lots of caffeine. If one pill is all you can handle then stick with that each day. It does say on the front of the bottle there is 175mg of Caffeine in here. I think that amount is from one pill so if you add a second pill you will be getting 350mg which can be a lot to take. Here is how I took them. I did one pill in the morning and then one pill later in the afternoon right before my workout along with my pre-workout. That seemed to work best for me to take them the way I did.

WOW for a stim based fat burner I was really impressed with what this did for me and the results I got. Each morning when I took one of these pills I could always start to feel my body temp start to rise a bit shortly after taking it. The effects of the thermogenic I noticed usually lasted through out the whole day when I took them. It was nothing super strong but it was noticeable when I would start to do any kind of activity type stuff. Later on when I would take the second pill this just increased those effects a little more which I really liked.

I feel this has to be one of the best fat burners I have tried. I felt I got the most cut up I have ever been before while taking this. This helped me lean up a lot and I noticed my stomach started to get flatter and could notice a little more muscle in my abs. Also my jeans started to feel a little looser around the waist line. I was told by a lot of people I looked a lot more cut up and shredded. I could really tell a big difference from day one until the last day I was on this at how much more cut up I had gotten. When you start taking this you start to feel it right away working in your system. Just so you know I workout 6 days a week every week and usually hit it pretty hard.

Like I said above I took the second pill later in the afternoon right before my workout along with my pre-workout. I was not sure if that was going to be to much stims at once and it never felt like it was. I felt I got some of the cleanest energy I have had. Never felt any jitters at all or cracked out feeling which was really nice. The whole mental focus and mood elevator part I got from this along with the LeanWorks was amazing. There were times I felt so good and could really focus nicely on my workouts. This is one area of the product I felt really stood out.

I also noticed this did a great job at controlling my appetite. As soon as I started taking this I could feel my appetite start to go down. Through out most of the bottle I felt like when I would eat any of my main meals I could only eat so much and would start to feel full a lot quicker which was nice because then I would not over eat which I tend to do a lot. Since I started taking this I noticed a drop in my body weight. I started out at around 205lbs and just weighted myself after taking the last pill and I was 200lbs. So over all I lost about 5lbs while taking this. If my diet would have been a little better which it could have been I may have lost a little more and gotten even more cut up. Even though my diet was not the greatest it still worked pretty good. I did start to up my cardio a little and I know that helped some also. Even with the little bit of weight I lost I never really lost much in the way of strength which was really nice. I know stacking this with the LeanWorks really helped out a lot more especially with of the effects that both products gave me. When I ran out of the LeanWorks I still had about half a bottle of the 212 left and could notice a little bit of difference not having the LeanWorks anymore so stacking them does help more.

Side Effects:
Had no real issues with this. No stomach issues which was nice. A lot of times when I take a fat burner I have a lot of bathroom issues to deal with and with this product it was not to bad maybe just a little but that was it.

Since I have not tried many different fat burners before this has to be one of the top fat burners out there I would think. This product did way more for me than I ever thought it could do. This is for sure a stim based fat burner I would highly recommend you try. If you have the extra money I would add the LeanWorks with it also because it will make it work that much better. I am for sure going to use this again when I am in the need of a fat burner. I do have an extra bottle of this that I won from Muscle Elements but want to wait to use it when I can get another bottle of LeanWorks to stack with it.
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