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Mission Statement & Commitment

Who is Muscle Elements?

Muscle Elements (“Me™”) was created by a team of Sports Nutrition Industry leaders with 45+ years of combined experience.  Two of the three founders were the first 2 employees to the then startup BSN (Bio-Engineered Supplements & Nutrition) and all 3 founders were key employees and heads of their respective departments up until the $150m sale of the company in 2011 to Glanbia PLC.  In mid-2013 they decided to team up and create a brand of their own, that as consumers themselves would appreciate and be excited about. 

Their mission is to provide “Top Quality Sports Nutrition Supplements to Consumers in any Performance Related Field.” 

Why Me™ Over the Competition?

Honesty & Quality

The team at Me sees a lot of things wrong in the industry today.  A clever marketing campaign by a brand in late 2008 opened the door to changing the pre-workout category, one of the largest categories in sports nutrition, to become a category dominated by very shady and dangerous stimulant loaded products that also utilized proprietary blends to hide their under dosed performance ingredients.  The lack of labeling transparency has led to masses of unscrupulous business tactics.  Formulas are consistently manipulated as raw material costs fluctuate and not disclosed to the consumer. The largest category, protein powders, also has the most prevalent devious labeling tactics cheating the consumer to either price their product at a more competitive level or bring more margin to their bottom line.  In 2014 the Amino Spiking scandal broke and 12 class action lawsuits were filed against brands that were caught “cheating”.

With all of this deception and lack of properly dosed products on the market, the Me team’s decision to approach the market as the complete antithesis of brands represent was a very easy one.

All 4 of their first products were very comprehensive and clinically dosed and they were also full disclosure with no proprietary blends.  Already making a statement as to what type of company they are, their 5th product made that message loud and clear!  The TRUTH, a one of kind, industry first in several ways protein powder screamed for attention with the name alone.  This product bearing the bold name “The TRUTH” provided Me a platform to back up what they created with educating the consumer and retailer as to why there was not only room but need for a product like this.  The TRUTH stands for Taking Responsibility for Utilizing Transparency & Honesty.  Me hopes that the more popular their product gets, the more awareness to they will be able to bring to the consumer about products that utilize proprietary blends for the wrong reason and how to recognize true quality amongst all of the choices.  They will take this approach with every product in their portfolio.  The willingness and desire to educate the consumer is what the team will rely on to drive awareness to their brand.


Even before they brought such innovation to their protein powder, the team set out build a brand of products that were unique to the industry they would refer to as an industry of followers following followers.  Where there were strong markets trends that they didn’t believe yielded quality products, they resisted, where there were trends that they felt were positive they improved or differentiated on them.  Me is willing to spend more producing their products than most of the brands on the market today and they are confident that this will pay off in the long run by providing higher quality products that will produce far greater results than many of the products consumer’s have tried in the past.  This is where they expect to earn the brand loyalty that will keep the consumer coming back again and again.

Quality Guarantee

Muscle Elements has created The TRUTH STANDARD (TS) element than will be on labels of their products and on their website.  Initially TS will be featured on the packaging of The TRUTH where Me will have the manufacturer lot code printed within a diagram. The consumer will be able to go to Me’s website (, click on the TS tab and view or download the manufacturer’s certificate of analysis.  They will also be able to download certified 3rd party clinical tested finished goods for any lot code.  Me plans to expand quality certifications such as NSF etc in the future.