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Grow with Me Stack

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Quick Overview

The “Pre” Game Changer & 1st True AmiNo-Oxide

  • Promotes strength, power and lean muscle mass*

  • Promotes lasting muscle fullness from glycogen compensation*

  • Supports resistance to fatigue*

  • Promotes nitric oxide production, energy and mental focus*

  • Supports muscular endurance and pump*

PreCre - 30 Serving - Fruit Punch   +$38.99

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PreCre: I was developed with high amounts of ingredients such has creatine, cyclic dextrin, PTS SURGE, beta-alanine and many more. With over 20 grams of these ingredients per serving you will experience dramatic increases in energy, strength, muscular endurance and long lasting glycogen pumps and muscle fullness!

AmiNo flow: I also provide extreme muscle fullness and pumps but through increased blood flow. Not only do I have 5 grams of BCAA’s per serving to feed your muscles for growth and to increase your recovery, I have almost 2.6 grams of Nitric Oxide boosters including 2 grams of pure L-Citrulline, 250mg of Agamatine Sulfate, and several others!

Together… We deliver ALL of this to help you push your body to the limits. Get the most out of every workout! Grow with Me!

The Grow With Me Stack is the most effective synergistic stack available to improve your performance, build lean muscle, increase raw power, increase muscle fullness and pumps and increase vascularity. This combo not only gives you the pre and post to your training but also allows more blood flow to precious muscle cells delivering more nutrients to recover and repair.

Customer Reviews

Incredible Stack Review by David Engel
Through my first couple workouts I've noticed great focus. As opposed to a crazy jittery heart racing energy. Massive skin splitting pumps as well as a standalone but when you add in a scoop of AminoFlow, feels like ur damn muscles are gonna Pop from all the bloodflow. Very clean smooth energy that steady builds up over the course of my workouts. Endurance is through the roof, when I rest pause, start back up again, it feels like I can keep cranking out rep after rep & not get Gassed out like other products on the market. Provides Clean smooth energy, endurance, clean focus, and massive skin splitting crazy pumps. It's not a crazy slap to the face type energy which is very nice, just enough caffiene per scoop to get you going but not crank u out. Also, really enjoy that precre includes Carbs in the formula which is very Unique to the industry. Also was very smart to add in Electrolytes to the Pre so u stay fully Hydrated. Thanks ME for creating a stellar Stack that is Affordable to the consumer. Let's not forget about the flavor. I chose Watermelon for both products. Tastes just like melted Jolly Ranchers. I actually enjoy drinking these products with about 16-20oz water.

I'm completely sold on what the company stands for. No BS hyping, just products that simply work. (Posted on May 13, 2017)
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