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Logan Miller

Additional Information

Age 27
Home Town Hopkinsville, KY
Height 5'11"
Weight 189 lbs
Favorite Products that's a very hard choice between aminoflow and 212 powder, but would say aminoflow
Favorite Workout Deadlifts


I began my fitness journey as an overweight teenager 320lbs  , stemming from a BIG family, we never cared! I started lifting with no plan or even a jug of protein! I lost about 80lbs then I got into bodybuilding in 2014 started paying attention to diet and supplements and even more progress came. I'm looking into competing in the 2016 year, in hopes of winning a physique competition! I'm also looking into becoming a personal trainer so I can learn as much as possible of how the body works, ways to make it grow, how to help it recover  and to help others along their journey ect. Looking to be the  next top competitor!!

I had my first taste of muscle-elements when I ran across an email for samples. I reached out to them to see if I could try some, they sent a nice sample pack and a booklet breaking down the ingredients in the product. I absolutely loved the fact they label the ingredients thoroughly, taking the guess work out of proprietary blends! How much of this am I getting or that am I getting was really frustrating. They take an honest approach leaving nothing to wonder! The motto hit home with me and had me from the beginning BUILD A BETTER YOU WITH Me!! This is a product I was hooked on quick, feeling the difference in my very first workout, left me craving more! So I got my hands on the grow with me stack. And grow with Me I did! I wanted to become part of a team I can say I am proud to be, i want to spread the word that there is a company that is honest in it's labeling, and not just out profit,  no lies, no deception, just the TRUTH!!