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Lori Staines

Brand Ambassador





Additional Information

Age 30
Home Town Willis, Texas
Height 5'5"
Weight 140
Favorite Products Truth - Chocolate Bar, 212 Powder - Pineapple Splash, & AmiNo Flow Coconut Lime
Favorite Workout Front and Side lateral raises for deltoids. Hip thrust and reverse lunge to balance for glutes


Aesthetically driven figure competitor, Lori Staines will compete again in June 2017 and is hungry for her IFBB pro card. She has surpassed all of her goals thus far and anticipates what the future holds for her bodybuilding and fitness modeling career.   Whether she's giving advice to those new to the gym or taking advice from an old school iron athlete, Lori prides her opportunity to connect with other fitness enthusiasts, growing both physically and mentally along the way. Wife and mother to one, this Houston Texan is a unique and inspiring individual to the fitness industry. And we are excited to see her excel in her endeavors!