Product Review Angelique Williams Nutritionist.

212Full Spectrum Fat Incinerator.


Some days you get out of bed and just can't seem to get your A into G, either you didn't sleep well, your stressed or your just in a mood!  Ever wish you could just insert a couple of Lithium batteries in, and power on?  Well, let me tell you this product is going to put a rocket in your pocket - well maybe not your pocket, in your A to get it into G.


212 contains Phenylethylamine HCL or PEA for short, what this delightful ingredient will do for you is enhance your powers of focus.  Studies have shown PEA helps to simulate the release of Acetylcholine a powerful neurotransmitter involved in learning and memory (Gold 2003).   I have found  the increased  focus, to be of great benefit to my training, especially when pushing those bigger weights!


PEA stimulates the release of norepinephrine  and dopamine,  neurotransmitters that  help to make you feel "special", and improve your mood.


212 contains a 200mg serve of caffeine per scoop, that's the equivalent of 2  cups of coffee or tea.  I recommended no more than 4 cups of caffeine a day, as caffeine may stimulate appetite.  So when taking 212 don't have tea or coffee with it, and limit your intake of caffeine to one serve 212and 2 cups of caffeine per day.    


Be aware it does carry a warning about dehydration due 212's diuretic effects, and suggests increasing your water consumption to counter act this.  Please do!


A serve of 212will provide you with:






6 g

10 g

0 g

2 g



The product instructions suggest taking on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, do what works for you.  I tried it this way but found a greater effect when I drank it doing my 20 min HITT on the treadmill, and the effects kicked in when I needed them the most.  It does have sugar in it, so it's not for those avoiding sugar.  It tastes great, and for those looking for an energy, mood and focus boost this is definitely a product I recommend you try.  It's effects as a fat incinerator I cannot comment on at this point as I have only used it to boost my workouts, stay tuned on that one I'll let you know.