Getting to Know 212

212 is the point at which water boils and is also Muscle Elements newest Full Spectrum fat incinerator that will bring your fat to its boiling point! I will take you through a guided tour of each ingredient that makes up this cutting edge formula and why it is so important in helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

Let’s start off with the first part of this formula the Thermogenic & Nootropic Amplifier Elements. This blend consists of 4 ingredients that is going to help speed up metabolism and increase cognitive functions. Caffeine Anhydrous is the first ingredient and we kick it off with a whooping 175mg per capsule. Caffeine actually has a lot of benefits. One of the main benefits is that it is a potent stimulant. It has been proven already by hundreds of studies and years of use. Caffeine primarily stimulates the central nervous system (CNS). Caffeine stimulates the CNS by increasing certain neurotransmitters such as dopamine, acetylcholine and even serotonin. These neurotransmitters have profound effects on the way you feel. It’s important to note that an increase of these neurotransmitters lead one to be very alert and active. Caffeine can cross the blood brain barrier so it can even stimulate your brain to make you more active. The ingredient itself has its thermogenic properties that can help with the burning of fats. The presence of Caffeine in the body leads to the increase of epinephrine and norepinephrine. These two hormones actually tell the body to dissolve fat so that it can be available as an energy source! The diuretic effect of Caffeine is also a plus. Excess water can be removed from the body purifying you as diuresis also removes metabolic wastes.

The next ingredient is Synephrine HCL. It is an alkaloid extract of bitter orange (Citrus x aurantium L.) peels. Synephrine is similar structurally to ephedrine, and like ephedrine it acts as an adrenergic (adrenaline-like) stimulant. Even so, synephrine is not as potent as ephedrine and is found, at least by some studies, to be much less active in the central nervous system. Further synephrine has not been demonstrated to produce (at least in oral doses) the severe side-effects and toxicity of ephedrine. Synephrine still appears to act upon most adrenergic receptors, including the alpha-1 receptors which can constrict blood vessels causing increased blood pressure, and to a lesser degree the beta receptors, which can increase heart rate and contractility. It appears that synephrine’ primary action, though, is through activation of the beta-3 adrenergic receptors that are found on fat cells, thus promoting weight loss by breakdown of fat.

Next up Yohimbine HCl, this ingredient will really help burn fat in those “problem areas”. It works in a way where certain areas are stubborn to alpha 2 receptor sites. These sites (within the fat tissue) basically “tell” the fat cells not to break down. Stubborn fat areas tend to have more alpha receptor sites than non-stubborn areas. Yohimbine HCl temporarily “turns off” alpha receptors, thus helping you to get rid of the stubborn fat. It also helps with blood circulation (which is why it is touted as a “male enhancement” supplement). This is another helpful property, since stubborn fat areas often have relatively poor circulation.

We will round out this blend with an ingredient called Vinpocetine. This is a great ingredient to improve cognitive function, increase mood, and help keep you from “crashing” at the end of the day. We have a great in depth article on our website that has some great info on this product (click here )

The second blend we will discuss is called our Fat Oxidation & Core Temperature Activator Elements. Octopamine HCl works by stimulating beta3 adrenergic receptors, causing the breakdown of fat cells in the body, among other mechanisms of action. This is effected by mobilization of the release of fat from adipocytes (or fat cells). It also has a stimulating effect and can increase energy, alertness, vigilance and awareness. Octopamine HCL will also increase the metabolism of the body. This ends up burning more calories and helping with weight loss. It supports insulin secretion and sensitivity which may lead to reductions in the symptoms of diabetes sufferers. There is also some research that the supplement may lead to a reduced appetite. Athletes who are looking to prevent muscle loss while dieting, like body builders and fitness athletes, might benefit significantly from this supplement. This is due to Octopamine preventing the breakdown of protein for energy. This leads to preserving that hard built muscle mass.

 Evodiamine raises your body’s temperature and can inhibit the growth of certain cancer cells. It also manipulates your metabolism and influences the secretion of catecholamines from your adrenal glands. Catecholamines are important because they cause physiological changes in your body that prepare your body for a physical response. It’s much like having increased adrenaline, your blood pressure, heart rate, and blood glucose levels all increase after taking evoidamine. Additionally, evodiamine stimulates the vanilloids in your body and reduces the uptake of fat. In turn, it increases your body’s natural rate of burning fat. It’s a mild stimulant that has shown to increase positive energy and diuretic characteristics in a body. Evodiamine also acts as a thermogenic and has the unique ability, as mentioned above, to increase your overall resting core temperature. Many believe that this is the reason more calories and fat are burned for energy when taking evoidaimine.

An extract from black pepper call Bioperine® is the only product from piperine to obtain a patented status for its ability to increase the bioavailability of nutritional compounds. It is also the only source from piperine to have undergone clinical studies in the U.S. to substantiate its safety and effectiveness. It may also help increase thermogenesis. In other words, it can help increase the body’s energy and fat burning potential to facilitate with weight loss.

Our third and final blend we will be discussing is the Definition & Tightening Elements. Dandelion Extract functions as a mild diuretic. Dandelion acts as a natural diuretic, causing kidneys to increase the volume of urine and expel the extra salt accumulated inside the body. By stimulating more urine production, dandelion affects the blood volume and water balance in your body, causing excess fluid to move out of the body tissues. The potential changes brought about by the herb in fluid balance, is a reduction in fluid retention and the lowering of the blood pressure. The diuretic effect of dandelion is believed to be due to taraxasterol. This plant sterol removes fluids from spaces between tissues and the skin. It tightens the muscles by this action and is often used by bodybuilders for this effect.

 Juniper Berry Extract is valued for its detoxifying action on the body and the detoxification properties of the Juniper Berries make the kidneys work faster and aids in getting rid of toxic waste from the body effectively. It also helps to eliminate excess water and is used as a mild diuretic.

 Uva Ursi help athletes with their physique as it helps to rid the body of water, This is also beneficial to weight loss. Uva-ursi also contains astringent-like tannins that shrink and tighten mucous membranes, and also reduces inflammation. Uva ursi also has a diuretic effect due to the ursolic acid and isoquercetin components.

We hope this lengthy but informative article has better helped you understand what each ingredient does scientifically as well as show you how and why they work synergistically together to bring fat to its boiling point and help you achieve your weightless goals. Please feel free to visit our website at for more info on 212 and where you can purchase it.