Build a Better You with ME By: Kim Clemans

With the New Year upon us, we are setting goals we want to accomplish over the next 12 months. Most New Year’s Resolutions are about losing weight, gaining muscle and becoming confident in your own skin. However, most of us lack the willpower required to complete them.  I want to encourage you to set a goal that is specific, measureable and obtainable. I recommend you writing it on your bathroom mirror or a sticky note on your fridge to allow you to see it each and every day. This is a way you will hold yourself accountable, which is vital in allowing you to reach and smash your goals. . If you currently don’t belong to a gym and are thinking about joining/going to one, start off slow.  Go once a week, then increase it as you are ready until you are going 3-5x each week. Not only will exercise and lifting help you reach your goals, but it will help keep your heart strong and live a healthier life. Remember,small steps and the correct supplementation is key in allowing you to yield results.
Here are some tips to help you this New Year:
1)      Make an action plan- what are you going to do in order to reach this goal. Some good ideas are cutting refined sugars, eat more often, increase your vegetable and fruit consumption, decrease your portion size and start going to the gym before work.
2)      Accountability- Have a workout partner, write what you eat down or utilize an app that tracks it for you.
3)      Increase your water – Most Americans don’t get the recommended 64oz of water in. When you start increasing your activity, make sure you also increase your water. This will help with satiety as well as weight loss.
4)      Be prepared to hit a speed bump (obstacles)- You’re going to have a day where you are sick, or eat junk food or what people might call  “cheating”. Don’t worry about it, just get back on track the next day. Just be prepared mentally that you will be having some harder days
5)      Slowly make healthier habits- increase greens, replacing your dessert with fruit or a protein shake, eating breakfast daily, drinking that important water to name a few.
6)      Supplementation- The one thing we know is when we add supplements on top of our hard work at the gym and changing of eating habits, it allows us to reach our goals quicker and perform at a more optimal state
a.       Pre-Workout- Everyone dreads going to the gym sometimes, it’s cold and now extremely crowded. PreCre is a MUST to take before your workout. This will allow you to hit the recommended amount  of creatine to allow you to power through your workouts, get in that extra rep, or push through your last 10 minutes of cardio. All without side effects. I can’t work out without it.
b.      Lean on Me Stack- This is the amazing lean works and 212. Combined they provide you with the energy you need throughout your day with the bonus effect of breaking down and burning your fat stores leading to more lean muscle and weight loss.

c.       TRUTH protein powder- Protein powders are essential in making sure you are reaching your recommended protein intake as well as repairing your muscles and keeping you full. Drinking one within 30 minutes post-workout is vital to make sure all of your hard work is noticed.

d.      MultiVitamin- This is the last of the supplements I recommend due to when you start cutting out foods in your diet, you might not be obtaining all of your nutrition you need. Therefore adding a multivitamin will help make sure all are reached.
I hope you have an amazing new year. Follow these tips and utilize the best supplements on the market that aren’t only safe but are effective. This is a year to focus on you, so let’s Build a better you with ME!
Kim Clemans RD LD
Muscle Elements Athlete