With Spring upon us, we are noticing the gym becoming more crowded since everyone wants to be in “Summer Shape” for vacations, pool and the beach.  If you are just getting started or have been going to the gym avidly, I have some tips to help you get the most out of your workouts. First….. LIFT!!!!  Don't be afraid to get familiar with the weights All of us started somewhere. Branch out and ask someone for help if you need to learn form, or look at videos online. Building muscle burns more fat!  You don't have to do cardio J One way to keep your heart rate up when lifting is to not take breaks in between sets. Instead add HIIT  between (burpees,jump squats ect) If you have joint issues and  these could be an issue due to the high impact. You can jog in place or take an extremely short break when lifting so your heart rate continues to climb. cardioAlso, make sure you are being challenged once you get the hang of lifting. So keep increasing your weight and vary exercises to keep your muscles guessing. When I lift I choose a body part each day to focus on, such as Shoulders, Legs, Back, Arms ect. This way I am able to crush the workout of those muscles, then they have the proper recovery time before the next workout which allows them to grow and repair. I also drink Amino flow throughout the day to help give me energy and ensure I am getting all of the BCAA’s I need to get the most out of my workouts . Always make sure you are fueling your body correctly with the right supplements and nutrition. So what are you waiting for? Set a goal to start lifting more and you will be a fat burning machine in no time. Build a better you with ME


Kim Clemens - RD LD Dietitian