How to Make Your Fat Loss Routine More Powerful Without Stimulants
Jump Higher! Burn More Fat! Drop dead at age 23! For those of us that think some of life’s solutions are in a pill, another sudden death of an athlete, this time Baltimore Oriole pitcher Steve Bechler, is a wake up call… without the stimulant!


Whether or not ephedra or ephedrine was the cause of death for Steve Bechler may never be determined.  But all the hype may mean a banning of your favorite weight loss stimulant, meaning you better learn how to do without!

Take all the stimulants you want, but without a calorie restricted diet and a consistent exercise regimen, stimulant supplements do little more than raise your heart rate while you sweat a lot!

We all know the fat guy who is too lazy to diet properly or work out but takes stimulants wondering why he is still fat a month or so later!

So, whether or not you choose to take stimulants, make sure you have all these basics of fat loss down first!

Avoid Stunting Your Thyroid!

Ephedrine helps boost metabolism by improving the amount of T-4 (thyroxine) into T-3 (a more powerful fat burning thyroid hormone) even when following a low calorie diet.

This applies until you stop taking the ephedrine.  At this point the opposite occurs… your ephedrine dependent body is temporary (up to a month), converting T-4 to T-3 less effectively than before you took the ephedrine. Typical side effects when discontinuing stimulants are lethargy, difficulty with motivation and training intensity, slower weight loss than prior to taking the stimulants, and depression.  What fun!

By simply monitoring your eating habits wisely, you can expedite your fat loss more effectively than by reckless eating supplemented with stimulants. The only way to avoid the come down is to avoid taking stimulants in the first place!

Follow a Fat Loss Weight Training Program  

Exercising consistently with weights is essential for optimal fat loss. Specific weight training regimens geared for fat loss can burn more calories per minute than an Olympic level 100 meter swimming race! A fat loss training plan is much different than a typical mass building routine.  The main difference is to keep your heart rate no lower than 60 percent of max for the full duration of your training session. Do a lot of supersets and get as much work done in as little time as possible!

Train Early In the Day 

For up to twelve hours after an intense weight training session, your body’s metabolic rate is accelerated! Training early in the day dramatically increases the amount of calories you burn as a result of each workout!

Cut Down on Starchy Carbs and Sugars 

With high levels of carbohydrates in your system your body tends to burn off carbohydrates primarily instead of fat for providing energy. Eating too many carbohydrates makes it difficult to lose fat whether you are taking stimulants or not. This includes the maltodextrin or corn starch used in most commercial meal replacement powders sold.

Increase Your Protein Intake From Natural Sources. 

A publication from The National Academy of Sciences (National Academy Press,

The Role of Protein and Amino Acids in Sustaining and Enhancing Performance, 1999) stated that when there is too little protein ingested or the wrong kinds of proteins (whey, muscle meats) a stress reaction occurs resulting in thyroid suppression.

Increase Your Intake of Good Fats 

Good fats are required to provide the support for many vital functions in optimal fat loss including testosterone production. By following one of the trendy fat- phobic diets, you may be inhibiting your body’s ability to burn its most favorable amount of fat!  One of the best fats for speeding up your metabolic rate and providing health benefits too numerous to list here, is coconut oil.

Increase Your Daily Fibers  

Besides all the benefits provided for your digestive tract, fibers create a caloric deficit when digested. In other words, eating lots of fibers burns more calories than you are eating!

Eat Frequent Small Portions Throughout the Day.

By eating small frequent portions daily, you give your body the illusion that food and nutrients are abundant, thus promoting an accelerated metabolic rate. Hunger is less of an issue, so you can avoid the cookie jar more effectively!

Eat the Proper Food Combinations

Have you ever eaten a meal that caused indigestion or an uncomfortable after- meal experience like menacing bad gas? Besides the embarrassment, you created an environment in your digestive system effectively lowering your ability to uptake as much nutrient as possible. When on a calorie restricted diet, get the most out of as little food as possible by eating friendly food combinations. An example of a poor food combination is protein and starch like those found with many meal replacement powders. An example of a digestive friendly food combination is protein combined with saturated fat like a piece of beef with fibrous carbohydrates (most vegetables).

Drink Lots of Water

Water helps our body function at its peak by flushing out toxins released in your system when burning off old fat stores, for one.  When fighting the occasional hunger pain, water can be a real savior!

Take a Reputable Multi Vitamin 

A vitamin deficiency can be a silent diet killer! Your body is more concerned with keeping its health than looking lean!  To combat a micronutrient deficiency, an immediate response is to crave foods that can provide a supply of, or simulate the effect of, the missing nutrient!  So, to avoid hellish hunger pains and provide a healthy effective fat loss environment, take your vitamins!