Lean on Me with Kim Clemans

We are about to close Week 4 of our New Year’s resolutions. Diet is one of the hardest parts for most of us to stay on track when reaching our goals. Some of us can be feeling frustrated if we aren’t seeing results yet. I wanted to talk about different ways to help burn your fat by using food as your fuel. I always get asked about fat-burning foods.  This idea is based on the thermogenic effect of food. The argument being that some foods require more calories to digest.   This is why it is recommended to choose the following foods as they take longer to digest thus using more energy/burned calories.

-Foods High in fiber- fruits, vegetables and whole grains

-Healthy Fats- Avocado, nuts, olive oil

-Lean Meats- Chicken, turkey, Fish and Eggs


Always remember to follow the following tips to help you burn that extra fat.

1)      Fill your plate with vegetables  or salads at least twice each day

-        These are so low in calories and high in fiber, therefore you are able to stay full while having a low calorie intake

2)       Drink Water- Ours bodies are composed mostly of water. This is a huge reason to get water in each day. Studies also show by increasing your water, you can assist in increasing your metabolism.

-        Recommended daily Intake: (minimum)

-        Females: 70oz

-        Males: 104oz

3)      Add Protein with your meals/snacks

-        This can consist of PB, nuts, cheese, lean meats or eggs

4)      ALWAYS Take Lean on Me Stack Regularly.

-        212 and Lean Works are a great one two combo.  Lean Works can be taken day and night, 212 should only be consumed during the day. This is one of the many things that set them apart from other fat burners. Lean Works will not disrupt your sleep, if taken at bedtime, will allow you to burn fat 24/7. That’s AwesoME!

5)      Aim to eat small meals throughout the day

-        This will allow your metabolism to be revving all day long. Burn that fat!!!!


By taking the correct supplementation, staying hydrated, eating often with healthy choices; you can burn fat and gain muscle and destroy any goal you set for yourself.  Abs are made in the Kitchen. Therefore Eating right + Lean works and 212 = Success.

Build a Better you with ME – Kim Clemans