<p><span>There is always more to the story, something we knew was the case back in 2013 when Muscle Elements didn&rsquo;t make the Olympia Expo. We were introduced to the brand a month or so before the show and that was it. They eventually popped up the following year in May which is why today the brand are celebrating their one year anniversary. To commemorate their dramatic beginnings, Muscle Element&rsquo;s CEO Eric Tomko has put together a video going over what happened when the brand started out their journey. Tomko talks about his personal as well as other Muscle Elements employees history with the well known brand they all used to work for, BSN. It was because of their time at BSN that they couldn&rsquo;t start Muscle Elements as early as they would have liked, which ideally would have been back in 2013 around the time of the Olympia. In the video Tomko also talks about how difficult it was to finally get going and how glad he is to see Muscle Elements doing as well as it is. If you have a spare 7 minutes definitely check out the video below or on&nbsp;</span><a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NH87cQ2X4mw" target="_blank">YouTube</a><span>, as it definitely adds another level of respect to the already well respected Muscle Elements.</span></p>
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