Kim Clemans – The TRUTH about Protein


 10-24-2014 – Kim Clemans

Everyday we come across some new protein powder flavor or recipe that we must try. Everyone frantically buys it, but do you really need it? Have you actually looked at that label to see what is in it? Or do you just trust that it must be good, its protein and I need it, Right?

Lets get to the basics and talk a little science. We all know food is made up of macro nutrients. These consist of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. It is recommended to have them throughout your day to make a well balanced diet. But there are all these protein supplements on the market, how do I know what is best for me?  If you exercise daily or are relatively active, your protein needs increase. This is due to helping with repair and growth i.e. protein synthesis. If you are trying to build muscle you are going to be looking for a protein shake with a bit more protein. If you’re an endurance runner, you will want a tad bit more carbohydrate. If you want to shed pounds you will look for one with less carbohydrate and fat. I’m not going to get all technical but our protein breaks down into amino acids, some of which must be obtained through foods. Many times we don’t get enough protein in our diets, therefore protein powders have become a fast and easy way to ensure recommended amounts are met. Or we can just keep eating chicken or lean proteins but delicious shakes are much easier and delicious.

 As you can tell, I’m a sucker for protein powders because you can jazz them up to make them taste like a Wendy’s frosty without all the junk in it.  Yes, so no adding Oreo’s or M&M’s, very tempting, but defeats the purpose.  When choosing a protein powder make sure you check the label to see what kind of protein you are choosing. This will also tell you what extra ingredients are added. Do some research and learn all the different kinds of proteins to see what is best for reaching your goals. The best recommendation is a blend of proteins. My favorite is Whey and Casein blends. This is imperative, because the absorption rates vary which will help repair muscle while keeping you full over an extended amount of time. Huge bonus.

I am also very picky about Protein Powders. I have heard and did the research on ME’s new T.R.U.T.H protein that is coming out at the end of the month. WOW! Can I please just say how refreshing it is as a dietitian to see a company tell you what is in their products! It contains no artificial junk and no hormones- made with rBGH free proteins. This is a blend of proteins with an added probiotic to help with digestion and absorption. I heard it taste amazing and am so anxious to try it! Come on production!

Caution: Adding a lot of extra protein will make you gassy, so just remember you we’re warned. Too much of anything isn’t good; so remember moderation.

Build a better you with ME!

Protein Shake Recipe aka Frosty

1-1.5 scoop protein Powder (chocolate is my preference)

8-12 oz. of unsweetened almond milk


Mix together and continue adding ice until thick, the almond milk will act as a thickening agent.  Serve and Enjoy.