In the spirit of New Year’s resolutions to be made, I decided to mention one I refresh each year: HAPPINESS. Resolve to be happy! It is in fact a choice, and I’ve learned that choosing happiness makes for a more healthy life. In my personal experience, having a grateful heart kindles so many other things, including opportunity. Positivity attracts positivity, and at the beginning of each New Year I resolve to give myself the best chance at achievement and peace by admiring the great things in my life, having a grateful heart, and choosing to be happy even if anger or impatience are more convenient at a given time. However, there are things that might get in the way of enjoying happiness, and for me stress is commonly the culprit. Step one in helping myself dissolve stress and getting that much closer to happiness: identify the origin of the stress!

Any college kid can tell you a thing or two about procrastination, and here’s my bit after my four years. It got so bad for me that it became the norm. I consciously made the decision that I would not begin a project, paper, homework or other assignment until the night before (or morning of around 2am). It got old to keep fooling myself with the idea that I would start and finish something early, so in a very warped sense of reasoning I decided to be stress free until approximately 6-8 hours before an assignment’s due date. Talk about Self-Image. It was like me to procrastinate and so I did. It got to the point where stress was just part of me and, it wasn’t until graduating college that I realized just how much stress I carried constantly. There was always something to be done either that moment under immense pressure or soon into the future. I wasn’t able to enjoy things fully because of perpetually pending issues. There was always something to be done for the future and it affected my attitude in the present. Now that I am out of college with little administrative stress, I am able to detect even the slightest bit of it. This ability has prompted me to take initiative with tasks and be more efficient in finishing them. I love what I do so much that it kills me to not be present in the moments of my day.

 I get to golf and hone my skills as sharply as I want to in order to prepare for the next frequency of competition; my health and fitness are at the highest levels they’ve ever been with a huge thanks to Muscle Elements; and the people I get to work with on the daily are incredible. I am grateful for all that I have and what I do, and I want to continue to enjoy it and choose happiness. In order to do so and have a clear mind for focused practices and training sessions, I need to create an environment for such mental clarity. This means no more unnecessary stress due to procrastination. This gets back to the importance and impact of choice.

Being efficient in taking care of yourself can help every other relationship around you. Whether it’s with your family, a significant other, friends, or people in your workplace, you cannot completely be yourself when there are stressful influences that impair the best version of you to come through. This New Year I recommend for everyone to put his or her health first. For me, Muscle Elements helped me get there with their line of supplements, including the LeanWorks and 212º fat burners, TRUTH protein, and AmiNo Flow. These products have become my fitness arsenal, and I would refer anyone to them to help their body run as cleanly as possible, to keep their mind sharp, and to achieve their health and fitness goals! Muscle Elements has helped give me a routine to take care of my body and perform at the highest level I can in my sport. When my health is in line, taking care of everything else seems to become much less daunting. I encourage everyone to put their health first this year, start the line of Muscle Elements as I have, and actively create an environment that breeds personal happiness.