Avoid A Fitness Rut With American Krav Maga


For many, New Years Resolutions might mean going back into their closet and breaking out the old gym bag. Millions of people make the commitment to get back in shape and lose weight. Many will join a health club with the best intentions only to find themselves bored again with the monotony of cardio equipment and weight training routines. The old "hamster on the wheel" making it harder to go back when we don't see results over night. In fact the major health club chains are banking on high sales in January with a high drop out rate by spring. Tell them whatever they need to hear to get them to sign that long term contract. They promise to teach them the latest fitness fad or new ways to use the treadmill ( Are they going to teach me to walk? I've been walking since I was one!)

American Krav Maga may be the answer to avoid a fitness rut. It's a challenging, full body work out that will get anyone in shape. I added it to my regular weight lifting routine, combined with Muscle Elements Products ( The TRUTH protien shakes, AmiNo Flow, and PreCre XS for high energy super pumps!). Now 46 years old I am in the best shape of my life. 

American Krav Maga is a self defense fitness class that increases muscle definition, burns body fat, builds self confidence and greatly assists in stress reduction. By using elements of physical fitness to tone muscles, help with coordination and burn calories, you have fun learning self defense techniques that can save your life.

Combined with standard calisthenics you build up kinetic force, which develops strong neurological pathways from your brain to your muscles, which in turn improves instincts and reflexes. It is a short, intense workout that elevates your metabolic rate 20% to 30% higher than your average aerobics class.

It's a cardio-fitness class with the added benefit of self defense. American Krav Maga sets itself apart from traditional martial arts because its all about keeping people safe. The approach we take to training is to enable people to defend themselves in real world situations. We make training realistic by pushing members to train hard, under stress inducing drills, with great emphasis on safety. We take instinctive motions and modify them with aggression. Instinctual movements take less time to learn, they're easier to perform and easier to recall.