Why take a Pre workout supplement? And they are not just for the guys! –  By Kim Clemans

Boo!  I am still in a festive Halloween mood and am going to see if you guys are dealing with that spooky feeling of burning off those extra treats that seem to be everywhere this time of the year.  If you are like me, this past week has led to you pushing extra hard in the gym to burn off that delicious Halloween candy that you have consumed.  This is step one of the process.  However, the second key component is the hybrid of correct nutrition and proper supplementation.  This is usually the more difficult aspect of the two, but without it you will never reach your peak physically.

         Let’s start with Pre-Workouts. Pre-workouts on the markets these days can become confusing. Everyone’s heard of creatine, but why is this supplement such a hit and who can use it?  Creatine is an amino acid found in our body, but we usually do not get enough to achieve enhanced effects. Therefore we must supplement it through meat, fish and supplements. When taken, it breaks down to produce ATP-which is our energy stores. This is very effective when we are lifting or doing a high-intensity workout.  The availability of adequate levels of creatine allow for you to be able to power through your workouts with ease.  I have noticed a big difference in my performance when I not had my PreCre, which is why I have taken it with regularity since it has launched.

    One big stigma I have noticed in the gym is that many women are turned off from using creatine.  Our bodies utilize creatine in the same manner yielding same results. Even though it can cause some water retention, most of this additional water is retained within the muscle. This helps with heavier lifting and a more full, more defined look. Personally, my lifts aren’t the same if I’m not using PreCre. I am able to push myself to achieve that one last heavy rep.  The amazing thing as well about this supplement is that it contains focusing and energy ingredients as well. This is important to me since some days I am dragging myself to workout after a long day at work. It allows me to focus on my session and leave feeling like I dominated it (my tank top being drenched in sweat is usually a dead giveaway haha).  I vividly remember my first time taking PreCre. To preface this, I have tried many pre-workout supplements prior to the launch of ME. Most caused me jitters, feeling sick to my stomach, bloated, or just didn’t get any benefit from them. With PreCre, it was opposite. I didn’t get the jitters, my focus was unreal, I lifted like a beast and wasn’t holding water.  For us women, getting that pouch holding water is not a very fun feeling. PreCre has circumvented this by adding natural diuretics that keep you looking lean.  It is a true difference maker in the world of pre-workouts.     This is why it has remained my preworkout of choice.  It is simply the best product on the market.  Build a better you with ME. – Kim Clemans