Day in the life 

By: Gabe Cohen



In the security field, whether it is as an executive, VIP protection agent, or leading a team of armed guards for risk management assignments, I take my work very serious. This past year I was a supervisor for a security firm where we had 5 nightclubs on one city block. I worked inside a club where we had 1,000 people a night on the weekends. It was in a city with one of the largest military bases in the country, your typical gang issues (we had 5 shootings in 2 months at one of the new clubs) and needless to say we went "hands on" (physical contact) every night.

 After last call and the closing of the nightclubs having 2,000 people in the street wasn't uncommon. The pavement isn't covered with the floor pads you find in the traditional martial arts studio or MMA ring, nobody is wearing protective gear, there is no referee's to stop the fighting if it gets to dangerous and in this real world arena the introduction of foreign objects and weapons were always a concern.

 I earned the nick name the Pitt Bull because of my aggressive "switch" when it was time to move fast, forward and hard. My goal was to do my job and get home safe each night to my family. Using violence is to be avoided at all costs but I was hired because of my proficiency and experience with the most battle tested self-defense system in the world, Krav Maga, if duty called.

 Long nights into the early morning with the adrenaline flowing made for restless sleep, low energy levels the next day to train efficiently and proper recovery difficult. I wish I would have discovered Muscle Elements products sooner!

 Focusing on my American Krav Maga system today I have left the security field to concentrate on my training. Conducting instructor courses, for civilians and law enforcement officers, conducting seminars and events nationwide and on an international level calls for hours of training each day in the gym. Teaching good people to act and be able to wield violence more proficiently then evil people for what could be the worst case scenario of their lives is what I do. Keeping people safe is the goal and I have to be on top of my game. This is not sport, there are no trophies or second place. This is about survival.

 Having the proper supplement's combined with a healthy diet is vital for me to be a professional. As chief instructor of American Krav Maga, teaching the best scientifically proven self-defense techniques requires confidence in those who I invest my time and energy. Nothing less than the best support system and team players will do.

 Muscle Elements is a company I believe in and who have proven themselves in my eye's as a leader in there industry. There AmiNo Flow supports my recovery, muscle endurance and provides a sufficient amount of electrolyte's to keep me moving through my brutal work outs.

 It only gets better with PreCre to increase my strength, raw power and resistance to fatigue while promoting my energy levels and mental focus. The TRUTH protein shakes throughout the day help to keep my muscle tissue in constant repair in between meals.

 Although I miss the action of the real world fighting arena, I do enjoy having a deep, peaceful night’s sleep. Muscle Elements Amino PM promotes a healthy night of rest while increasing GH release and contains adrenal reset elements that naturally reduce my stress levels.

 Making wise choices in your training methods both fueling up and recovering are essential to being your best. Like the Special Forces say "the more you sweat during training the less you bleed in battle."