Fitness Journey – How I Started



My Background to fitness was absolutely ZERO before I started my fitness journey.

I mean I had a gym membership. I was going about 3 times a week. Did I see any results? No. Did I care? No. One of the reason was that I thought I looked just fine.

Before I had my first baby, I was 115 lbs. After my 2nd (last one!) baby, I was 131 lbs. When I decided to go on diet in summer of 2014, I was 144 lbs. 

My fitness journey began in the end of August 2015. It wasn’t definitely easy but the motivation I had made it possible to overcome the hardship of dieting.

Here are some of the things that helped me from getting distrusted and losing focus.


1.       Figure out what motivates you and fuel gas to your inner fire.


-My motivation was seeing good looking people at the gym. Well, sounds silly but it worked for me!


-Show off what you have and confident of. By doing this, I receive compliments which motivate me and get me going!


-Find out what healthy food you can keep eating without getting bored. Dieting was the biggest part of my weight loss journey. I tried many things I saw on IG, I kept the ones I really liked J


These are some examples that worked for me. Answer to this for you may be different. I believe that this is first thing you might want to find out to start your fitness journey.




2.       Create a routine that fits you and follow it.


-When I started, I wasn’t sure how much calories I was getting every day, I used some app on the phone to track my calorie intakes.


- Prepping meals is very good and make it easy to keep your routines going. I don’t think I am the only person who is tired at the end of the day after work and gym session. Having my meals ready helped me stayed on track.


-involve people around you. Sometimes, it is difficult to follow your routines and diet because of all the temptations around you. I literary talked about me on diet and work outs and hot guys at the gym all the time at work. Soon enough, my coworkers started asking every day about my diet, work outs and the gym crash. When we decided to go out to eat, they picked healthy restaurants so I feel comfortable going J




3.       Treat yourself every now and then.


-I set a cheat day once every two weeks. The day, I did not worry about anything!! My rest day became my coworkers’ favorite day!


-get yourself some cute gym outfit. Rock it at the gym




4.       No more excuses. Understand how your mind works.


-No explanations needed. When in doubt, do the opposite. I know I thought of not going to the gym in the beginning, I pushed myself to go. It didn’t matter I worked out only a little bit. I felt better that I did something. Sooner or later, going to the gym became my habit and today, I can’t wait to go to the gym.

Addition to staying focused and motivated, I learned how important to recover faster. In the beginning of the fitness journey, I worked out every day. It burned me out very quickly. I felt sore everywhere and tired which led me to think “should I skip the gym today?”.

I found out about BCAA, which helps you recover faster from muscle damage/fatigue.

Muscle Elements has 2 different types of BCAA.



1.       Amino Flow: I take this by mixing with PreCre during the workout. It gives the energy and pump like no other!! I love the fact that I can just mix pre-work out and BCAA together. I use to carry at least 2 shaker cups! Who loves carrying all these cups.. Not ME!!!

Amino PM: this is one of the amazing product invented by ME! I don’t think I can live without this product now.. I work out after my 8 – 5 job. Taking pre work out and Regular BCAA at 6 – 7 PM makes it hard for me to go sleep at night. But thanks to this awesome invention, I now can sleep right away and wake up with clear mind!! Must try


At last, Work hard, enjoy and be patient!!