Keeping on track during the holidays can be a challenge! 
Here comes granny with her traditional cookies and pies, and mom with her amazing holiday cooking, but don't stress!
You don't have to say no to it all! 
Here are 10 ways to survive your holiday celebration.
1. Don't starve yourself all day!
   The idea of going hungry all day to save room for the holiday feast is the first place most go wrong. You arrive to dinner then wolf it all down, next thing you know your unbuttoning your pants, and falling asleep!
Wake up at a normal time, and eat throughout the day with your usual healthy, portioned out meals. Right before you leave the house to head to the party, have a healthy snack so you don't arrive starving.  It also helps to drink a full glass of water before dinner.
2. Don't focus on the food around you and more on your loved ones!
   I totally get it, you have been dieting and eating clean, and there are all these amazing looking treats around you. Try your best not to focus so hard on how bad you want them, and more on your family. Play a board game with the little ones, catch up with uncle bob, see what he's been up to.
Keep your mind occupied!
3Small portions, it's not a contest or a marathon!
   When dinner is ready, go for the small plate and stick to healthy portions. Don't pile it all up, or eat fast. Use the hand rule. Size of your hand should be your protein, and size of your palm is your carbs and veggies. Watch out mixing to much carbs and fats together, pick either or. Carb and veggies or fat and veggies.
Remember ...don't throw it all down fast. Enjoy the food its not a race.
4. Watch buffet style snacking!
   You know all those platters of cookies, and treats sitting out. it's easy to lose track of how many times you've dug into it. Get a napkin or little plate and get small pieces of your must haves. That way you can see just how much your getting. Keep it light. Once the plate is empty, sit back and hang with the family for awhile. Don't return for more. If there is a platter of meat and cheese's, go for that instead.
5. Watch your Alcohol!
   Don't get to much and forget your trying to stay on track. Your doing so good, then you get a little to much to drink, impairing your judgment, you starting thinking to yourself  "eh screw it , I'm going all out, ill exercise later."
 If you must drink stick to wine (preferably red) or vodkas with low calorie mixers like soda water with a lemon or lime.
Don't drink and eat! lol 
6. Tasting and Snacking while cooking!
   If your the one cooking, be mindful of how much your tasting and snacking on while you cook. It adds all up!
7. Start a new tradition!
   I know it's cold outside, but if the skies are clear, bundle up and take some family members with your for a walk around the block. Call if your traditional holiday walk. See the neighbors holidays lights. Get that food working through your system! 
8. Be Mindful of sauces, butters, and dressings!
   With dressings I use the fork rule. I dip my fork in the dressing then scoop up my food. You get way more control. Same with sauces and gravy's. You don't need to drown your food in it!
9Spread everything out!
   If you must go for more, wait a little while. Give your stomach time to digest the portion you gave it, about 2-3 hours. Then have another small plate of snacks, or dinner.
10. Stay positive!
   Be proud of how discipline your being, and have been all the way up to this point. Don't get negative thinking this sucks, I cant have this or that. Take pride in yourself. A positive attitude goes a long way!!
In the end Discipline and patience is key! Do not be afraid to bring your own healthy snacks, to stay on track.
Rome wasn't built in a day, and how's that saying go? It takes 6 months to build a Rolls-Royce and 13 hours to build a Toyota. Have patience in your dieting. 
Hope these ideas help!
Happy Holidays to you and yours!