He we go again, I am back from an amazing month of out of the gym activities and I am ramped up to get back into the gym routine and see if this new and exciting brand of supplements can pass the test and become a Stevie T Trusted Brand.

I Introduce to you Muscle Elements!

Muscle Elements (Me) was formed to provide the highest quality sports and nutritional supplements to the novice and educated supplement user who is driven for more performance. The founders of Me passionately live the health and fitness lifestyle and have designed the products for their personal use, so the best of the best ingredients and complete formulas are what Me brings to the market. No hype, no under dosed products, no hiding behind large unspecified ingredient blends and nothing but results are the goal of this brand. Whatever your goal for performance or weight loss is, Build a Better You With Me!

I have all four of the (Me) products in my hands and plan to put them to the test over the next ten weeks leading up to a trip to Las Vegas for the 50th Mr. Olympia fitness weekend, I will give you a link to each product of them and tell you how I will implement them into my training program starting with the “Grow with me Stack” of Pre Cre and Amino Flow that I will be stacking together for the first four weeks before adding in the “Lean on Me Stack” of 212 + LeanWorks during the final 6 weeks leading up to Las Vegas.

PreCre - Is the Foundation of the Grow with Me stack, from the first glance at the label PreCre is not your run of the mill Pre-Workout, it appears to cover all the bases in a loaded one scoop sugar-free serving that boats an impressive dose of all the key ingredients needed to make up an effective mind and muscle primer.  I expect PreCre to give me a huge boost of energy while helping increase my strength, endurance and stamina along with what I expect to be insane pumps thanks to the very well thought out combination they call “GlycoPump Infusion Elements”  I will use PreCre once a day 30-45 minutes prior to each training session,

AmiNo Flow  – Is the first supplement to qualify as an AmiNo-Oxide product, what that means is it takes the proven and popular building blocks of muscle “Amino Acids” and combines it with Nitric Oxide promoting ingredients that increase vasodilation, promote bigger muscle pumps and assist in nutrient shuttling.  I expect this product will be great to aid in repair and recovery of the muscle, it will help with protein synthesis, muscle hydration and promote an increase of  total working capacity so I will be able to put everything I have into every training session.  I am a BIG believer in Amino Acid powders and plan to take this a minimum of three times per day, one serving as soon as I wake up, one serving during my training session and one serving 30 minutes or so before dinner.

212 – The name says it all…Two Hundred Twelve degrees, the temperature needed to bring water to it’s boiling point and tells you right off the bat that this is Muscle Elements fat incinerator!  Coming from a potent one pill serving 212 aims to increase fat burning and increased energy, it contains the key ingredients to maintain a positive mood while at the same time controlling your appetite and assisting your body in the removal of unwanted/excess water weight.  I won’t add this product into my routine until August 4th but I have handed out samples to my clients and will give you any feedback I get from them prior to my personal experience with it.

LeanWorks –  Is a Non-Stimulant based thermogenic that can be used as a standalone product or be combined with 212 to make up the “Lean on Me Stack”  It contains huge doses of key ingredients that have been backed up time and time again with scientific studies and includes the popular Green Coffee bean, Raspberry Ketones, L-Carnitine and much more.  Like 212 it will help to suppress appetite, Increase mood, act as an herbal diuretic and assist in fat burning.   I will add in LeanWorks at the same time as 212 so until then I will again rely on feedback from my clients and pass their experience with it along to you.

So there you have the line up from Muscle Elements that I will be using,  (Me) hasn’t come into the game with a product in every supplement segment just for the sake of participation, what they have brought to the table are four very exciting and well thought out products that I look forward to testing out.  If you have any detailed questions regarding any of their product line you can contact them through their website or social media channels.

I will be back in a week to give you my first impressions of the brand, Until then #trainharder2playharder

Stevie T