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“Lean on Me Stack”

We all know everyone these days wants a quick fix to lose weight or gain mass.  If there was such a thing, our obesity rate wouldn’t be on the rise and gaining muscle would be a piece of cake. So I’m going to give you the simple run down on how to conquer that, because who doesn’t want to lean out and have those amazing washboard abs.

Every morning I wake up and eat within 30 minutes. Why? Because my body is a machine, and in order to turn that fat burner on, I must eat.  For me a go to is Overnight oats or Egg Whites and whole grain toast. The reason why I choose this is you want to pair a carbohydrate with protein. Carbs are our fuel- and when paired with protein, the absorption rate slows down to keep us fuller longer.  So don’t skip your breakfast, you’re just slowing that metabolism down if you do.  Next you want to aim to have small meals throughout the day. I eat 6-8 meals a/day depending on when I wake up and pass out at night.  If you’re currently eating 3 meals, aim for four and slowly build your way up so you are getting something in every 2-3 hours.  Examples for what I eat are an apple with nut butter, Spinach with tuna, Brown rice with Chicken and pineapple or an omelet with cheese.  Let me be honest with you, I eat pizza. I have hamburgers and wings. The thing important thing is, these are not every day and not when I am in prep.  So don’t be too hard on yourself, small changes make big results. The only way you need to be eating 100% clean is if you’re going to be half naked up on stage. Otherwise, it’s okay to treat yourself.

So what about supplements?  I can walk into a store and there are thousands of products with a salesman trying to explain everything.  The one thing to remember is to supplement your nutrition and exercise plan.  So you can’t eat like poop and expect to get ripped. Make sure you choose a reputable supplement company, you’re reading this so congrats step one complete. The Lean on Me stack yields results. It gives you the right elements and ingredients to help lose that unwanted fat safely.  The reason I back these products is they aren’t just an amazing fat killer, but they help with curbing appetite, my focus is unreal and they allow me not to hold onto water. Having the right supplementation, diet and exercise are the keys to success. So start to build a better you with ME.

Kim Clemans RD LD