Why a bodybuilder?

I'm sure I'm not the only one that gets asked this question. I'm sure the BIG guys get it WAY to often!
With bodybuilding it’s more than just a bunch of stupid muscle heads slapping each other to get amped for their next set! To some it’s their escape from the day or life even, it’s the escape from reality!
   I figured out I had wayyyyy more potential than even I thought I had, being an overweight teenager and young adult, my potential in myself was "I bet I can eat this whole pizza!!!" I found myself in the gym!
The start was rough, just like with a lot of things, I mean cmon this sh*ts heavy!! I had little to no motivation to do anything after work, but go home and relax. I thought to myself "I'll jump in slowly" after being invited one day. I didn't want to do too much and lose motivation not being able to move the week afterwards. That stood no hope actually which surprised me beyond belief, it was actually the complete opposite. One set and I was hooked, I could not get enough. Even after working 8-12 hours a day and up to 20 hours on a Friday/Saturday morning, I made sure I was in there daily, any day they were open of course.
  I had no knowledge of lifting, form, supplements, or any of it to be exact. Never watched any videos, only watched others in the gym and used as much common sense as I could. Eventually I made my way into a crowd and started lifting with bigger guys. I figured this was the way to go, thinking it would only make me want lift heavier faster to catch up! I made progress of course, packing on some muscle as well as losing fat with even no supplement or dietary help, I still ate whatever, at that point in my life it was solely activity level. The guys I lifted with basically just allowed me to work in more or less, they spotted me, made sure I didn't kill myself, and be there for the occasional, "get it". But they really offered no guiding help. .
After years of just lifting because I enjoyed it, and maintaining a bodyweight of 225lbs regardless of what I ate,( still ate whatever), I began digging deeper into it all, the whole process, proper lifting, better foods, "the most revolutionary diet ever" I began reading and reading!! I started taking away things from my diet "slowly" nothing to fast to lead me to have a "sugar relapse". After small changes in diet led to bigger changes in my body, I became even more hooked, looking more in depth. This time reading on supplements and articles from the magazines on what the "pros" did and "took! I found Muscle Elements and got my hands on their preworkout Precre, this stuff is crazy good, i started taking that with aminoflow and that led to even more results making me crave more intense workouts and even more dietary restrictions. I also added 212° to help me burn fat because even with a good diet plan, results can halt, and you must alter things in a more scientific approach, "intro into the world of macros". The scientific approach actually surprised me with this, I figure like mostly everyone else "they lift and grow blah blah blah" but I was wrong! There was way more to it than that! So why bodybuilding? It’s a 24 hour job/lifestyle, you can't half-ass it or you'll show it! You have to figure out what works for YOUR body, you figure out yourself again! His plan probably won't work for you, and neither will hers. You can use them as a base to go off of but even then results will slow or halt, and you must tweek it to get you more results! Jay cutlers 4000 calories a day will not make you look like him! Realizing everybody’s body works differently and reacts differently. Breaking into single digit body fat % is a pure test of discipline and ones drive. It’s not something given to you, you can't buy it, rent it, borrow it, or beg for it! Work is the ONLY way to achieve that goal! It can't be taken from you, and it’s not something everyone will achieve. It’s a goal your working towards all hours of the day, the one hour of training can be voided completely with the other 23 hours of the day constantly full of temptation. You have to recover correctly or your muscles won’t repair themselves for your next workout, that's where I found the TRUTH to be the best protein to help me recover, and the clear labeling let me know I was getting what I paid for. The TRUTH played a big role in helping me build muscle and it’s delicious. It’s the tear, rebuild, and grow process I love so much.   You can't workout then go do whatever you want and get the results you want, its discipline from the moment you wake up till the moment you lay your head on your pillow, and even then some( poor sleep=poor results). Every puzzle piece plays a pivotal role for maximum results! Why bodybuilding? You can't grow unless you push past pain barriers, you can't grow unless you eat even when you’re not hungry, you'll have to give things up, you'll have to sacrifice a lot of the things you love, and you’ll have to tell your friends and family no at times! Why bodybuilding? Because it’s not for everyone, it’s for people who want to see how far they can push themselves daily, it’s for people who want to see what their body and mind is capable of. Why bodybuilding? It pushes one to be better than they were yesterday! It’s a constant test of willpower and determination! Bodybuilding builds character as well as amazing physiques!!