Making the Most of your Workouts - by Kim Clemans RD LD Dietitian

Over the past few weeks, I have been noticing major gains in my lower body. With competition season upon us, this is the time most competitors are finalizing their shows and counting out the weeks to be able to set themselves up nutritionally and with workouts in order to put them in contention to reach their goals and place in a show. For me, I am currently what most of us call “bulking” this is when I am consuming a large amount of calories consisting of a macro breakdown that I know works for me. I am lucky because my metabolism is always on fire, therefore I am able to consume more than the typical athlete without blowing up since I feed myself correctly. It is very important to make sure you learn what works for you. There is no plan that works for everyone, it must be individualized since some people respond better to carbohydrates while others large amounts of fat. I don’t just eat bland food, I make sure anything I want just fits within my macros.  If your diet isn’t on point, then you are not going to be able to get the most out of your workouts. Its all about accountability!  Which brings me to my next point, lifting.  Before my lifts which are typically at night, I make sure I get some sort of protein with a complex carbohydrate such as chicken with brown rice and pineapple all mixed up. Delicious!  Then I wait about 15-20 minutes then take my Pre-workout. This consists of Pre-Cre mixed with a scoop of 212. It allows me to literally lift heavy as hell! I can always get one extra set with heavy weight, it really fills my muscles up nicely to get the most out of my workouts. Last week, I forgot my shaker bottle at home, and decided to go to the gym anyway……bad idea, I got a good workout in, but my energy and focus level weren’t on point. I wasn’t able to fully kill my delts that day. That was when I decided to keep some sample packs in my car as my “just in case” stash.  Smartest thing I’ve had in there besides my typical water jugs.  Make sure you get a good lift in today and try mixing your Pre-Cre with 212 so you can burn fat while getting the pump and fuel you need to get an awesoME workout.



Kim Clemans RD LD


Muscle Elements Athlete