#1.  Muscle Elements - The T.R.U.T.H


Muscle Elements TRUTH

You won’t beat this chocolate bar flavor, and vanilla wafer rocks in fruit smoothies!


There are so many things going right with this protein, it’s hard for us to keep track. This powder is unlike any other product on this entire page.

Let us count the ways:

  1. All protein is rBGH free (growth hormone free)
  2. It lists exactly the kind of protein you’re getting. Almost nobody does this. Here, we know that we’re getting the following:
    • 9g of WPC-80 – the high quality form of whey protein concentrate that is 80% protein.
    • 6g of WPI-90 – that’s 90% whey protein isolate by weight, and it’s definitely not “pixie-dusted” as we can see here.
    • 4.5g micellar casein – also certified hormone free. This is the slow-digesting protein so that it sustains in your system longer.
    • 4.5g milk protein isolate – which provides an extra bit of whey protein isolate (20% of milk protein isolate is whey isolate) and more micellar casein (the other 80%). This stuff provides phenomenal, thick taste.
  3. It mixes incredibly well
  4. It includes a patented probiotic, GanedenBC30 (34mg of it), which will support digestion and immune health, and supposedly increases absorption of the amino acids from the proteins above!
Why are those percentages important?

Compare this to other products using whey protein concentrate with as little as 34% protein (the rest of which being a ton of filler). Of course those other companies wouldn’t put that on their label, though! Chances are, if your label doesn’t state WPC-80 and just puts “whey protein concentrate”, you’re not getting WPC-80 and you’re getting some extra junk in there that you don’t need.

Let’s talk TRUTH’s taste


Protein Powder Absorption Rates

The Protein Powder Absorption Rates in TRUTH


Now here’s where we’re going to be honest with you. We like the Chocolate Bar flavor about 10x more than Vanilla Wafer. We love dark chocolate, and chocolate bar is dark. It worksperfectly with the dash of bittersweetness that is provided by the stevia.

Vanilla wafer, on the other hand, is a favorite with some friends at local retailers, and smells exactly like a ‘Nilla Wafer cookie. But for us, the stevia adds a touch too much bitterness when drinking it solo with water.

The good news? Vanilla dominates in a smoothie. Add a banana or berry, and this is an absolutely phenomenal naturally sweetened protein powder.

But when drinking a protein shake straight up with water, we’ll take chocolate bar any day of the week.

Either way, for users of stevia, none of this should be news. It’s just worth mentioning that dark chocolate lovers will devour the Chocolate Bar flavor – the cocoa product they used is amazing, clearly didn’t go cheap on that ingredient like some powders do.

The macros

In terms of the macronutrients, things are a bit worse than the products above, but we believe the pros listed above are worth it.

With The TRUTH, you get:

  • 24g protein (lab tests coming soon show it’s actually higher!)
  • 9g carbohydrate, 1g fiber, 1g sugar, 4g sugar alcohol
  • 4g fat, 1g of which is saturated

When it comes to openness in the labeling, and proven third-party testing, Muscle Elements has everyone beat. They’re a company to look out for – if this is your first time seeing them, it won’t be your last.

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