Road Warrior Workout Plan  By Josh Gangaware

We’ve all been there; you’ve been on a roll lately with your workouts, kicking butt in the gym. But now, you’re gone for the week, either on a business trip or vacation, and don’t know how to keep your fitness train rolling.


Depending on your training goals and how much time you have allowed to dedicate toward working out, there are a couple options you have to keep the momentum going while on the road.


If your goals revolve around general fitness, it’s actually fairly easy to keep up with your fitness. You don’t need any equipment for such goals, just your body a healthy dose of motivation. Your workout under this format will focus on adding intensity to basic movements like pushups and squats to get the most out of your time and challenge yourself.


The key to these workouts is to keep the pace up and put maximum effort into each and every rep. The more explosive you make bodyweight exercises, the greater the number of muscle fibers that get recruited, leading to greater muscle building and fat loss.


The workout is as follows:

1) Pushups- 10 reps

2) Body weight squats- 10 reps

3) Mountain Climbers- 30 reps

4) Reverse Lunges- 10/leg

5) V-Ups- 15 reps

6) Lateral Lunges- 10/leg


Complete this workout in circuit fashion, resting as little possible between each exercises. Once all six are completed, rest 60-90 seconds then go right back at it. Depending on time available and fitness level, complete between 3 and 8 rounds.


If your goals happen to be a little more specific (ie bodybuilding, powerlifting, crossfit) then the hotel circuit won't be nearly as beneficial. In this case, you'll either have to do some research before booking a hotel and find one that has an adequate gym, or, find a gym that suits your goals in the surrounding area.


Luckily, with fitness as a whole continuing to grow, you can find a gym to suit your needs almost anywhere.


While on the road, use this time away from your normal life as a positive. If you're away on business, take advantage of not having distractions around you and get really focused on your fitness goals. If you're on vacation, use the extra time you have during the day to get in workouts you might have otherwise missed.


Attack these workouts with ferocity and extra focus. Do your research and be prepared, know where you're going to get your workout in before you leave for your trip. Having a plan can make the difference between half-assed workouts, and some of the best workouts of your life.