We promised everyone we would post the results as soon as possible, so here they are. Muscle Elements protein powder the Truth was submitted for the Stack3d Certified program a couple weeks ago now, and has now finally had its results come in. If you were impressed by PES Select Protein's numbers, then one of the biggest new brands this year is going to blow you away. Not only did Muscle Elements prove that the Truth has no amino spiking going on, showing zero signs of free form amino acids or creatine. But it also came through with 24.99g of protein as is, almost a gram more than its label listed 24. For those in need of some numbers that is actually more than 4% extra per scoop, adding up to just shy of a 25th bonus serving. Like with American Muscle's Premium Whey and PES Select Protein, expect to see Muscle Elements the Truth promoted with that Stack3d Certified label from here on out. You can see the full list of results from Genysis Labs below