Throwdown Thursday Arm Blast


1a) ALT DB Curls- 4 x 12,10, 8, 6

1b) DB Kickback- 4 x 12


2a) DB Hammer Curl- 4 x 12

2b) DB Skullcrusher- 4 x 12, 10, 8, 6


3a) TRX Curl/ Iso Hold- 3 x 20/20 seconds

3b) TRX OH Tri Extension- e x 20 seconds


4a) Chin Ups- 3 x AMRAP

4b) Dips- 3 x AMRAP


For descending pyramid sets (1a and 2b), increase weight as reps decrease.


TRX exercises can be substituted with cable versions.


AMRAP= as many reps as possible