Burn All The Fat HIIT Workout with Josh Gangaware Muscle Elements Offical Trainer


Ladiesand gentlemen!Summer isover, butthat doesn’tmean you haveto loseyour beachbody.Keep itchiseledunderneaththose fallclotheswith thishighintensity fatblasting workoutthat willkeep yourmetabolism revvedup.



Forthisinstallment,Iwillgive youtwodifferent typesofworkouts thatyoucan doto keepthe momentum going; one workoutplan using your averagecommercial or home gym,and anotherusing minimalequipment thatcan be doneat home.I willcut all thefrills,

Bells,andwhistles outof theseworkouts. Therewill nowasted movements;Every exercisewill giveyou as much bangfor your buck as possibleto minimize time takenup by your workouts. Thesearemeant tobeperformed quickly,givingyour maximumamount ofeffort.The gym workoutsshould beable to becompleted within 30-­45minutes, depending onthe options you choose,and the homeworkouts should beable to becompleted in 15­-20minutes.




1a)StandingDumbbell(DB)Shoulder Press1b)DBFrontSquat





2b)DBBentOverRow 2c)DB CompoundRow



Forthesefirst twosetsof exercises,complete eachexercisessuccessively, usingthe sameweightfor each.Complete 10repetitions ofeach exercise,then rest45­60 seconds. Complete3 roundsof each.



3a)DBChestPress 3b) Laying Leg Raise



4a)DBSingleArmRow 4b) Reverse Lunge



Forthenexttwo sets,complete12­15repetitions foreachexercisein succession.Again, rest45­60 secondsbetween each exercise.





  1. Renegade Row

  2. Reverse Lunge + Curl

  3. DB Row + Kickback

  4. DB RDL + High Pull



Performeachexercisein succession,forthree totalsets,resting aslittleas possible.



Thisprogram alternatesbetween upper bodyand lower bodymovements tokeep your heartrate up,and the lowrest periods givesyouasolid spike ingrowth hormone. Themetabolic finisherjumps yourheart rate upto end theworkout, and keepsyou burningcalories for thenext severalhours. Ifyou don’tknow whatsome of theseexercises are,don’t fear,I will includean exerciseindex atthe end.




  1. Hands Behind Head Speed Squat

  2. Push ups

  3. Alternating Lunge Jumps

  4. Double Crunch

  5. Jump Squat

  6. Dips

  7. HIgh Knees



Theidea hereis completethis circuitas quicklyas possible.You willperform threefull cyclesofthe circuit,resting aslittle aspossible. Trustme,you willbe gassedafter thisif you giveit yourall.



AsI saidinthe beginning,you mayuse eitherworkout toreceive greatresults. However, ifyou wantto reallykick thingsupanotch, alternatebetween thegym workout oneday, then

thehome workoutthe next (orvice versa). Donot complete thesame workouttwo days ina row,though, asyour bodywill need timeto recoverin between thesame workoutprotocol.






  • DB Front Squat: Place dumbbells on top of your shoulders, keeping your chest up tall and elbows pointed directly out in front of you. Brace your abs tight, then drop your hips straight down to the floor, keeping your weight back in your heels and heels down on the floor. Drive the heels through the floor to stand yourself back up.

  • Thruster: Perform a front squat. In one smooth motion, from the bottom of the squat, drive the heels through the floor, stand up, then press the weights up over the head, simultaneously.

  • DB Compound Row: Starting with the dumbbells touching the front of your thighs, standing up tall, push your hips back as far as you can while dropping your chest down


tothefloorslowly. Onceyoufeelthe stretchinyour hamstrings,holdthatposition, then pullyour elbowsup to theceiling, squeezing yourshoulder bladestightly together. Lower theweights backin frontof yourchest. Standback upby pullingyour hips underneath yourshoulders. Squeeze your buttas hard as youcan and pin yourshoulder blades togetheratthetopofthemotion.

  • Renegade Row: Begin with two dumbbells on the floor in pushup position. Complete a pushup, at the top, pull your right elbow into your side (row it up), then place it back down on the floor. Repeat on the left side. Make sure to keep the hips down by sucking your belly button in towards your spine and squeezing your butt hard throughout the entire motion.

  • DB Row + Kickback: Pushing the hips back behind you and bringing your chest parallel to the floor. Row two dumbbells to your hips, then drive your pinkies back behind you, squeezing your triceps. Bring your hands back in front of your chest, then extend your arms back in front of your body.

  • RDL + High Pull: Initiate this movement just as you would a deadlift. Only bring the dumbbells down to knee height, feeling the stretch in your hamstrings. Drive your hips under your shoulders. As you bring your chest up, pull your elbows up as high as you can. Keep the dumbbells as close to your body as possible. At the top of the movements, squeeze your shoulder blades together as tight as you can, then let your arms back down to starting position in a slow and controlled motion.

  • Double Crunch: Laying down on the floor, drive your shoulders off the floor and bring your knees into your chest simultaneously. Keep your chin up and chest tall throughout the movement to maximize abdominal activation.