Throwdown Thursday­ High Intensity Style



Me crew! Welcome to Throwdown Thursday! Each Thursday I will expose you to a new workout challenge, or a different way to mix up a workout in your normal routine. For the first installment, I figured it would be appropriate to get it started off with a bang and go with a high intensity power circuit.



I won’t lie to you, this workout is going to hurt, and it will hard work, especially if you’ve enjoyed the holidays a little too much. This hard work will pay off in the end, though, as this workout is going to keep your metabolism burning calories for several hours after the workout is complete.



Our goal for this workout is to keep you moving as much as possible to keep your heart rate up, while using some fairly heavy weights to really stress your metabolic system. We are going to be utilizing strength and power movements, as these use the greatest amount of muscle fibers as possible in one shot. We are not using super heavy weights for the power movements. The goal is move the weight as quickly as possible throughout the entire range of motion. That doesn’t mean you are against the clock to get in as many reps as humanly possible in a given amount of time… that does you no good. We’re really aiming to take your time in between reps, and making each one really count.



The workout will follow a simple template: one strength exercise, one power movement, and one high intensity cardio exercise. These are to be performed in circuit fashion, taking as little rest as possible between each one. So without further ado:


Circuit # 1


  • Squat

  • Thruster (See Image Below)

  • High Knee Sprints






Circuit #2


  • Deadlift

  • Deadlift + High Pull (See Image Below)

  • Mountain Climbers






Circuit #3


  • Reverse Lunges

  • Man Makers (See Image Below)

  • Skater Jumps


Circuit #4


  • Lat Pull Down

  • Weighted Sit Up + Press

  • SIide Shuffles






Your aim is complete three rounds of each circuit (8 reps for the first exercise, 12 reps for the second, and 20 seconds for the third). As I said, the combination of the strength, power and high intensity cardio movements will get your heart rate up and keep you burning calories for several hours.






A couple of notes to leave you with:


  1. Use any modality you see fit (ie. dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells)

  2. The first exercise is meant to utilize heavier weights, while the second is meant to use moderate weights that you can move quickly

  3. The power movements are meant to utilize the kinetic chain. This means the force begins from your feet, up to your legs, then core, then upper body.

  4. Pick a pre­determined amount of space to perform the side shuffle (distance doesn’t really matter here) and complete as many side to side shuffles as you can in the 20 second time period.






The workout is all laid out for you, now all you have to do is go crush it! Please leave your thoughts on the workout, or any other questions below.