Throw Down Thursday


Welcome back Me nation! I hope you have all been killing it this week! For this installment of Throwdown Thursday I am going to change things up a little bit. Instead of giving you a full workout, I'm going with a bad ass ab burnout that you can use at the end of your regular workout.


This ab burnout will leave you gassed with just the use of a stability ball that you can find in any commercial gym. While some of the exercises themselves may not seem too difficult, the tempo scheme will fire up your core like nothing else.


Again, this is not for the weak of heart. You will probably be cursing my name by the end of this, but that means that it worked!


Depending on current fitness level, you will complete 2-4 rounds of this circuit.


1a) Stability Ball Pike Up (10 reps)

1b) Stability Ball Saw Plank (15 reps)

1c) Weighted Sit Up + Twist (20 reps)

1d) Laying Leg Raise (12 reps)


Take as much, or as little time as needed in between each exercise and each circuit.


As I said earlier, we are going to utilize a tempo scheme to really get the abs screaming. For each exercise, you will use a 414 tempo. This means you’ll take 4 seconds from the starting position to full contraction, hold the contraction for 1 second, then release and take 4 seconds to return to the starting position. This tempo scheme will keep your abs working under tension, shocking them into new growth.


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