Top 6 Summer Booty Exercises  – By Priscilla Lucci 


-One Leg at a time, step up on a bench and push through your heal. 3 sets of 20 each leg.

2. Sumo Squats

-With a Dumbbell or kettle bell stand with feet a little wider than shoulder width apart. Squat down keep knees behind your laces, and down until you feel a full stretch in your glutes. Push back up with the heel of your foot, and squeeze. 3 sets of 40

3. Lunges

-With kettle bells or dumbbells lunge forward with one foot and bend at the knee until each leg is at a 90 degree angle. Push back up using the heal of your foot. Lunge forward with opposite leg. 15 steps forward and 15 steps back.


4. Leg Press

-Keep feet up high and wide!


5. Squat Rack

-Light Weight 3 sets of 20. Squat similar to Sumo Squat only difference is feet shoulder width apart.


6. Back to Leg Press

-Feet high and together in the center. Heals only are on plate. Short reps (don't need to go deeps) this will work the "tear drop" outside sweep. 3 sets of 30.

How much weight will vary for each person, depends on how much fitness they do. In general like four reps of 40. You should feel a burn by count 25. If not up your weight by 10lbs.


These exercises will lift and make the booty round.


Until Next Time..... Priscilla Lucci