Adding Truth Protein to help reach your goals


Now that we are in week 2 of our resolutions, you might have noticed the gym is getting busier as many of us are trying to work on making the best version of ourselves.  When we are lifting heavy, adding mass and toning up it is vital to make sure you are getting enough protein in. This is not only to help build your muscles, but to assist in recovery. TRUTH was just launched a few months ago and can if added to your daily regimen; it can help you attain those goals. I want to provide you with some recipes to help you see some different ways to utilize the TRUTH.


 Protein Sweet Treats


1 Scoop ME TRUTH Vanilla or Choc Protein Powder

8oz Vanilla or Plain Greek Yogurt

1 Tbsp Nut Butter


Mix together and enjoy. This is an amazing treat to help curb your sweet tooth while still making progress.


Protein Oats


1 Scoop ME TRUTH Vanilla or Choc Protein Powder

½ Cup Oatmeal Raw

Almond Milk (unsweetened)


Mix oats and ME Protein Powder together. Slowly add Almond milk until blended with pudding consistency. Place in container and refrigerate overnight. Enjoy in the morning. This is an amazing breakfast that s quick and easy. It also has complex carbohydrates as well as protein  to help keep you full and help with goals.


 Protein Pancakes

Mix the Following:

1 Scoop ME TRUTH Vanilla or Choc Protein Powder

¼ Cup Apple Sauce

3 Large Egg Whites

¼ Cup Oats

 Tip: You can change Apple Sauce and Oats to ½ if desired. If not training, you can also remove the Oatmeal. Some like to cook the oatmeal before adding to batter. Try different ways to see what consistency you prefer.

You can also add berries prior to cooking is desired 


You can also have a protein shake prior to bed, post or pre-workout. The one thing that makes ME TRUTH protein stand out over other powders on the market is that it utilizes hormone free rBGH proteins and is a blend. This means different absorption times. Aim to have protein at every meal/snack. Adding ME protein powder throughout your diet can ensure you hit your recommended amount. Enjoy the recipes and have an amazing week. Continue to build a better you with ME.