What is the best “diet”? By: Vanesa Zuluaga

When you think of “diets”, you think, “Cut this” or “Don’t eat that”, but the truth is... it is not about a “diet”. This is what I’m here to talk about. I hear so many people wanting to get skinny or to get into shape that they believe in these "short diet plans". When you follow a “diet”, you follow for a short time to reach your goal, then what? What about after that? Typically, people gain back the weight and then some, at the end these so called “diets”. They don’t learn the most important skill, which is what a healthy lifestyle is for them.

When you are on a strict diet, it can leave you craving cheat meals and slacking at the gym as well as gaining more weight. Instead of going on “diets” try these tips to turn on a healthier lifestyle and into an everyday fit lifestyle! That’s why I want to be able to reach out to as many people as I can on moderation eating. I was one of them, that as soon as I got off a diet, I would go back to my normal eating and gain weight back and more body fat.

I found something, a solution for my body and that may help many others as well.
It is called eating in moderation and eating healthier! It is a lifestyle, not a diet. Here are a couple of tips that help keep me eating healthy and staying fit.

“Fail to Plan, or Plan to fail

I compete, and in every show prep, I have to eat low carb. Yes, I do cut out many things, but that’s for a show. It is my lifestyle that keeps me healthy and fit. After my show, I find my middle ground of what I can eat; I do my workouts as well as my cardio. When I know I have a special dinner or I’m going to eat out,  I prepare my food intake for that entire day where I would focus more on protein and vegetables and then I will have my meal that I planned. I do not get excessive with it, and still try and eat a small amount. I do enjoy my food, which can be dessert, fries, burgers, or sushi.  These foods are not bad they just have to be consumed in moderation. We need carbs for energy, our body needs carbs, our muscles need carbs to grow. 
We often say we don't have time to cook, I agree with the saying "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail". Prepare all the meals for the week on a day off, it makes life a lot easier.
When I’m in a rush I always take my scoop of The TRUTH protein by Muscle Elements, Vanilla Wafer is my favorite flavor and it is also a great meal replacement too! There’s no excuse to miss a meal. If I am in a hurry, I add one scoop of the TRUTH to Greek yogurt, it’s delish!

“Eat often to kick up your metabolism”

Eating every 3-4 hours makes your metabolism faster, by not eating your metabolism will slow down! Which brings me to the last and most important point, which is restricting carbs 100% for a couple days and  thinking you will lose weight on the scale.  Carbs are stored in the body with water, restricting them just causes the body to lose fluids not fat. The body stores carbs as glycogen in the liver then it is converted into glucose as we workout. Our body uses the carbs for energy, and is burned off. If carbs are consumed with moderation they will not store as fat. Carbs are the fuel for our body.  A balanced meal every 3 to 4 hours will increase your metabolism to run faster. Just having a fast metabolism, will help burn fat as well as help build more muscle. An unbalanced meal with little or low carbs and little or low protein will lead the body to binging and this is when more people find themselves snaking a lot or eating more than needed. Do not be scared of food, instead find the balance for your body and be patient!