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Ryan Oshun

Brand Ambassador




 - RyanOshun

Additional Information

Age 30
Home Town Pensacola Beach, FL
Height 6'4"
Weight 245lbs
Favorite Products PreCre
Favorite Workout Barbell Rows


Ryan is a Professional Wrestler based out of Pensacola Beach, FL. In addition to wrestling, he is also an Active Duty member of the United States Air Force. Ryan was working in San Antonio, TX as a Military Training Instructor (Drill Instructor) for the USAF when he decided to get into professional wrestling, something he had been wanting to do since he was a child. Within a year of wrestling, Ryan found himself recieing many big opportunities and took advantage of them all. Currently, he wrestles all around the Gulf Coast of the United States. From Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, & Florida, Ryan can be found somewhere every weekend performing in front of crowds, big and small.

Previously Heald Championships
- NWA Gulf Coast Heavyweight Champion
- New Heights Wrestling Heavyweight Champion
- NWA Elite Tag Team Champion x2
- River City Wrestling Tag Team Champion x2