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The Feed and Grow Stack prioritizes amino acids -- the building blocks of muscle. By providing high quality protein to feed muscle all day, the Feed and Grow Stack has you covered no matter the situation -- first thing in the morning, immediately post workout, and right before bed. It’s the perfect combination of growth, recovery & sleep ingredients to capitalize on the day’s hard work.


The TRUTH is your go-to source for quick, on the go protein. It’s you wingman at the gym, at the office, or even at the breakfast table. Using a combination of fast and slow-digesting proteins, The TRUTH provides a constant, sustained release of protein and essential amino acids to feed your muscles all day long.


PostPro capitalizes on the anabolic window that’s opened immediately following intense exercises. During this crucial period, insulin sensitivity is maximized, meaning that anything and everything you consume is directed towards muscle repair and growth. PostPro force-feeds your starving muscles the necessary protein and carbohydrates to enhance the recovery process and limit soreness and inflammation following training.


AminoPM delivers a steady infusion of essential amino acids to your muscles while you sleep at night, helping you avoid any potential catabolic activity that may occur. Also included in AminoPM are a plethora of relaxation-inducing compounds to quiet your mind and help you sleep soundly, providing you the opportunity to wake up feeling stronger and more refreshed the following morning.


Together… We deliver ALL of this to help grow bigger and stronger while recovering faster.


Feed and Grow with M.e.!


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