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The Grow With Me Stack is all about improving performance, building lean muscle, increasing raw power, and delivering muscle fullness, pumps, and vascularity. This combo not only gives you the essential nutrients you need before and during your workout, but also allows more blood flow to those precious muscle cells delivering more nutrients to recover and repair.


PreCre was developed with the sole focus of enhancing athletic performance, no matter the sport. PreCre includes over 20 grams of muscle-building, performance-boosting ingredients including creatine, cyclic dextrin, PTS SURGE, beta-alanine and many more. Together, the ingredients form a synergistic matrix that dramatically increases your energy, strength, and muscular endurance as well as some of the incredible muscle pumps you’ve ever experienced!


AmiNo flow provides extreme muscle fullness and pumps utilizing a combination of potent nitric oxide boosters and vasodilators that drive blood flow to your working muscles, but that’s not all. AmiNo Flow also provides 5 grams of BCAA per serving to reduce muscle protein breakdown, prolong endurance, and improve recovery. To sustain performance and enhance hydration, AmiNo Flow delivers a robust matrix of electrolytes including calcium, sodium, and magnesium that regulate water levels in the body and support optimal muscle function.


Together… We deliver ALL of this to help you push your body to the limits. Get the most out of every workout! 


Now, it’s time to Grow with Me!


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