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The Grow With Me+ stack is all the consummate training stack for any fitness buff looking to maximize every facet of pre, intra, and post workout nutrition. This potent performance stack delivers everything you need to shatter your personal best and outlast the rest. The Grow with Me+ stack also provides everything you need after you smash your PRs to repair, recovery, and most importantly, grow bigger and stronger so that the next workout is that much better than your previous one.


PreCre is pure performance enhancement in powder form. The team at Muscle Elements made it their sole mission to develop a pre workout that addressed every pillar of pre workout perfection: energy, endurance, focus, and pumps. They’ve done all that and more with PreCre. Each serving delivers over 20 grams of proven ingredients all for the purpose of making you perform better, no matter the task.


AmiNo Flow serves as your intra workout fuel. It supplies the necessary amino acids and nitric oxide boosters to drive more blood and nutrients to your working muscles to help the push harder for longer in your workouts. Included in AmiNo Flow are 2.5g of vasodilation aids and a robust 5g of BCAA to reduce muscle breakdown and support recovery.


PostPro is the saving grace your muscles need following a tough workout. Not only does it supply valuable amino acids to combat soreness and halt catabolism, it also provides a beefy 20g worth of whey protein alongside 30g of rapid-digesting carbs to support muscle building and glycogen replenishment. PostPro solves the post workout nutrition dilemma of what to eat and provides everything you need in one fell swoop.


Together… We deliver ALL of this to help you push your body to the extreme.


Now, it’s time to Grow with Me+!




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