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The Lean on Me Stack Elite is the supreme body recomposition stack providing everything you need to torch fat, burn calories, and preserve lean muscle. Anytime you’re engaged in an aggressive fat loss phase, muscle loss is a considerable risk. Not with the Lean on Me Stack Elite! Muscle Elements has included the critical supplements you need to not only preserve lean muscle, but build muscle while also taking advantage of the fat melting benefits of M.e.’s stimulant and stimulant-free weight loss products.

Lean on Me Stack Elite


212° engages your body’s natural fat burning mechanisms with its plethora of metabolic boosters and thermogenic elevators. By accelerating fat oxidation and decreasing appetite, 212 takes a multi-pronged attack to eliminate fat for good.


LeanWorks furthers the fat boiling effects of 212° dialing up the thermostat on your internal temperature, sending your metabolism into overdrive. Stacking LeanWorks on top of 212° is the perfect prescription to abolish hunger, flush out excess water weight, and evaporate adipose tissue. Best of all, LeanWorks is stimulant free and can be taken day or night for ‘round the clock fat loss.


The TRUTH is your go-to source for protein throughout the day. Providing a mix of fast and slow-digesting protein, the TRUTH is the perfect between meal snack that nourishes your muscles and satisfies your hunger, offsetting the desire to snack, thereby sabotaging your fat loss efforts. The TRUTH is high protein, low calorie, and 100% satisfying.


AmiNo Flow sustains your muscles throughout the day, warding off any potential catabolic activity that could arise in between meals. AmiNo Flow not only provides the vital BCAA your muscles need to combat breakdown, but also delivers a versatile spectrum of potent vasodilators and nitric oxide boosters to enhance blood flow and nutrient delivery throughout your body all in an effort to preserve lean muscle and support recovery.


Together… We do ALL of this to enhance your results in your quest for the ultimate physique.


Burn Fat, Build Muscle with the Lean on Me Stack Elite!

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