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The Lean on Me stack is the individual looking for rapid weight loss all day long. Combining the hunger-crushing power of 212 alongside the water-shedding prowess of LeanWorks, the Lean on Me stack delivers all the key elements to burn fat fast and ensure you reach your weight loss goal when YOU want to.

Lean on Me Stack


212° is the stimulant-powered fat loss capsule that will boil fat off your body using a multi-tiered approach to get rid of fat fast. The ingredients in 212° increase fat oxidation, thermogenesis, and core temperature, while also reducing appetite and flushing excess water out of your body.


LeanWorks is the non-stim counterpunch to the energy-boosting effects of 212° that provides even more fat burning by revving up your metabolism and escalating lipolysis. To help reduce fat accumulation, Lean Works also includes several important agents that help regulate blood sugar and remove unwanted water weight.


Together… We do ALL of this to change your body… once and for all…Lean on Me!

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