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The Lean Pre Stack is the true definition of a thermogenic pre workout. Combining the metabolism boosting, fat burning components of 212° Powder with the performance-enhancing, nitric oxide elevating powers of AmiNo Flow to form a powerful duo that will eliminate fat for good. During training, you’ll burn more calories from fat, further accelerating your progress towards a lean, sexy physique.


212° Powder throttles your metabolism into overdrive, allowing you to torch even more calories than you normally would during your workout. 212° Powder delivers the energy and focus you need for a grueling fat-shredding workout while activating your body’s natural fat burning mechanisms to ensure any calories burned come from unwanted fat.


AmiNo Flow enhances nitric oxide production and blood flow, so that your muscles are receiving more blood, oxygen, and essential nutrients to be able to push harder for longer in your workouts. Plus, amino flow also includes 5g of BCAA alongside other important amino acids, including L-Ornithine and Histidine, to boost endurance while preserving lean muscle.


Together...We deliver ALL of this to help you shed unwanted body fat and achieve the lean physique you’ve always wanted.


It’s time to show fat who’s the boss with the Lean Pre Stack!

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