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Clean, pure protein; with a flavor you won't believe! Can you handle The Truth?

For many people, athletes or not, protein powder is the very first supplement they purchase. And what’s not to love about protein powder?


It’s affordable, convenient, high in protein, versatile, and tasty as hell!


But there’s been a bit of an “issue” with a large portion of the protein powders on the market….


They don’t actually contain as much protein as they claim to contain. You see, there was an epidemic of sorts involving protein “spiking”, where companies would include only a fraction of whole whey protein and fill it with a bunch of inexpensive amino acids, including glycine, taurine, and more. 


Furthermore, the other so-called “time-released” blends of proteins didn’t disclose the actual amounts of their various sources of proteins leaving the door open for these products to contain the vast majority of the least costly of the multiple sources while leading you to believe they were somewhat evenly distributed to provide the total protein claim.  ****rephrase this how you seem fit******


As you can imagine, this was done as a cost-cutting maneuver to increase profit margins, and you know what?


The team at Muscle Elements had enough of these industry shenanigans and created The TRUTH!


What is The Truth?


The TRUTH is the new standard in muscle-building protein blends, containing:


  • 24 total grams of certified rBGH free protein, made up of
  • 9 grams of Whey Protein Concentrate 80%
  • 6 grams of Whey Protein Isolate 90%
  • 4.5 grams of Micellar Casein
  • 4.5 grams of Milk Protein Isolate


The TRUTH also contains:


  • NO Hormones, 
  • NO Artificial Colors,
  • NO Artificial Sweeteners,
  • NO Artificial Flavors, 
  • NO Amino Spiking
  • NO Proprietary Blends
  • NO Confusion, NO Deception… Just The TRUTH™


The TRUTH was designed for a sustained 4-6 hours of protein and amino acid absorption into the bloodstream to keep you anabolic throughout the day to maintain and grow lean muscle tissue*. 


It’s great for anytime use and with the added benefit of GanedenBC30®, a probiotic that not only supports digestion and immune health but also increases absorption of 23 important amino acids** including Leucine which is critical to stimulate muscle protein synthesis*.


The Truth Benefits


  • Stimulates muscle protein synthesis
  • Supports muscle growth
  • Enhances recovery
  • Crushes hunger
  • Amazing taste and texture


The Truth Ingredients:


Whey Protein Concentrate (9g WPC-80) - the lessor refined form of whey that contains more carbohydrates and fats (i.e more flavor) than other forms of whey but also contains more beneficial lactoferrins and immunoglobulins. Concentrates can contain anywhere from 35-89% protein, and the TRUTH uses 9g of a WPC that is 80% protein on a dry basis and certified hormone free per scoop/serving. This delivers a high amount of protein, without compromising flavor, texture, or ruining your macros. Plus, the added benefit of whey concentrate is that it contains higher amounts of various immune-enhancing peptides such as alpha-lactalbumin and immunoglobulins. 


Whey Protein Isolate (6g WPI-90) - a refined form of whey concentrate that contains at least 90% protein with minimal lactose and fat. More expensive than concentrate, isolates deliver hefty high of protein rich in leucine, cysteine and other amino acids. These elements, in combination with the high levels of pure protein in it, make it ideal for those who want to nourish their body and promote a healthy lifestyle. Just like WPC, WPI is also high in BCAAs and is very fast digesting. The TRUTH uses 6g of a WPI that is 90% protein on a dry basis and certified hormone free per scoop/serving.


Micellar Casein (4.5g) - accounts for the majority (80%) of the protein in milk. Casein provides the long-lasting, “slow burn” counterpart to the rapid-digesting qualities of whey protein. In fact, studies have shown that casein keeps the amino acid levels higher for as long as seven hours, meaning that micellar casein allows the amino acids to keep stressed muscles from deteriorating for longer than other proteins. Micellar casein protein also strengthens the immune system, due to its high glutamine and immunoglobulin content. The TRUTH uses 4.5g of Micellar Casein that is certified hormone free per scoop/serving.


Milk Protein Isolate (4.5g MPI) - composed of approximately 20% whey and 80% casein, milk protein isolate is an excellent source of protein, frequently used in bodybuilding to help increase lean muscle mass. Milk protein isolate may be able to stabilize blood sugar for as long as seven hours, preventing hunger and any impulse binges. The TRUTH uses 4.5g of MPI (20% WPI and 80% Micellar Casein) that is certified hormone free per scoop/serving.

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