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The Grow With Me Stack Elite is the committed individual looking to optimize every facet of training, performance, recovery, and growth. Not only does the Grow with Me Stack Elite contain the supplements you need to dominate your workout, but also the vital components required by your mind and muscles to stop the tear down process and kick start the repair, recovery, and growth processes, ensuring that every day you’re bigger, stronger, and faster than you were the day before.


PreCre takes the conventional pre workout and blows it out the water. PreCre isn’t just energy, or pumps, or focus. It’s a complete performance pre workout, checking all the boxes of what a proper pre workout should be. It gives you the energy and focus to get in the gym, while also helping you last longer and be stronger in every workout. PreCre also gives a sick muscle pump, too, if that’s what really gets you going. 


AmiNo Flow is your intra training fuel that sustains energy levels and muscular endurance, enabling you to grind out those extra muscle-building reps. Combining the nitric oxide boosting powers of L-Citrulline with the muscle sparing benefits of BCAA makes AmiNo Flow the ideal training elixir to power you through the most arduous training sessions.


PostPro solves the common problem of what’s “best” to eat post workout for optimal recovery and growth. The team at Muscle Elements formulated PostPro as the be-all, end-all of post workout nutrition by including a mix of fast digesting protein and carbs along with important recovery agents to eliminate soreness, speed recovery, and promote superior muscle growth.


AminoPM optimizes your body’s most important recovery period of the day -- nighttime. The elements of AminoPM help you power down in the evenings, ensuring that while you sleep, you experience greater GH release, deeper REM sleep, better recovery and an invigorated mood upon waking.


Together… We deliver ALL of this to help you strive for excellence and ensure you attain all of your goals, no matter how lofty they may be.


Now, it’s time to Grow with Me Elite!





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