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The Sleep Lean Stack delivers everything needed for rapid weight loss and maximum muscle retention during your body’s most critical hours, sleep. It’s when we sleep that hormonal activity and recovery is at its peak, and that’s the beauty of the Sleep Lean Stack. It utilizes those elevated hormone levels and directs them towards burning fat so you wake up leaner, stronger, and more refreshed.


LeanWorks is the perfect nighttime fat burner as it includes everything you could possibly want to burn fat and rid excess weight from the body without including any stimulants that would disrupt your sleep. LeanWorks boosts thermogenesis and core temperature to increase metabolic activity in your body, thereby torching more calories while you sleep.


AminoPM supplies the essential amino acids your body needs to sustain crucial muscle tissue, ensuring that any weight lost is fat, and not muscle. AminoPM also helps quiet a busy mind, eliminating the worries of the day, and ensuring you can “power down” for the night and make the most of this crucial recovery period.


Together… We deliver ALL of this to help you get the best night’s rest possible, so you can continue to crush it, day after day.


Make EVERY night a Sleep Lean night!

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