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The Super Amino Stack contains amino acid-based formulas that combine several categories in one. Consisting of AmiNo Flow and AminoPM, the Super Amino Stack covers all of your daytime and nighttime amino acids requirements for optimal recovery, repair, and growth of your muscles.


AmiNo Flow is about as versatile as it gets when it comes to amino acid formulas. Not only is it the ideal intra workout fuel to sustain your muscles while training, it also serves as a potent stimulant-free, nitric oxide-boosting pre workout as well as an “anytime, anywhere” amino acid supplement for those times when your muscles need a quick infusion of muscle-building aminos.


AminoPM is the perfect bedtime snack, providing your muscles with an entire arsenal of essential amino acids to sustain your muscles during sleep, enhancing recovery and supporting growth. There’s also a robust matrix of relaxation and sleep aids to help you power down your mind and set the stage for a productive night’s rest.


Together… We do ALL of this to enhance your recovery and spur new muscle growth with the Super Amino Stack!

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